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About Appin BBQ Service & Catering

Appin BBQ Service & Catering is the product of nearly three decades in the meat industry. The company was founded by Victor and Margaret Melo and has remained family-owned and operated since its early origins as an abattoir and retail outlet. Over the course of almost thirty years in business, barbecuing and catering have become the trademark of this grassroots company from Appin, Ontario.

In 2007, Vic and Marg narrowed their focus exclusively to their barbecue service and catering. Their vision for the company was to unite excellence in service with a savoury product in the hope of providing a unique and desirable menu for Southwest Middlesex and area.

Appin BBQ Service & Catering has a long history of customer satisfaction. With a portfolio of events including corporate parties, and charitable fundraisers as well as a store for hot and frozen pick-up orders, the reputation of Appin BBQ Service and Catering is proudly deserved.

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Phone: 519-289-5000       Fax: 519-289-0866       Email:       5959 Glendon Drive, Appin, ON, N0L 1A0